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Drug Treatment New Rochelle

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Drug Treatment programs are designed to help people quit taking drugs and alcohol, as well as give them the tools to be able to remain sober long after they complete treatment. At Drug Treatment Centers New Rochelle, we provide patients with a range of treatment options for all types of addictions.

People who are addicted to alcohol or drugs but who want to quit will find it almost impossible to do so without specialist professional help. They will benefit from joining a residential Drug Treatment program in which they can have access to medical detox to set them on the road to recovery. They will also need extensive therapy so they can learn to modify the behavior that has led to them having a drug or alcohol problem. To learn more about your options for drug rehab, call Drug Rehab Centers New Rochelle at (914) 829-5807.

Knowing When Someone Has a Problem

Signs and symptoms of addiction can be difficult to spot until the addiction has progressed so far that an addict finds it impossible to conceal his or her problem. People may fail to recognize their own addiction, or that of loved ones.

Becoming addicted is usually a gradual process, during which people will begin to focus more and more of their time on acquiring and taking the addictive substance. This leads to behavioral changes that may be the first outward indication of problems.

Why Professional Help is Needed to Quit

There are two goals in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. The first one is to get the addicted person to stop taking problem substances. This is not simply a matter of mental resolve. People who abuse drugs or alcohol will almost always end up having a dependency on the substance. Their bodies have undergone changes that make it impossible for them to function normally without taking alcohol or drugs. Addicts experience dependency as an intense craving for the substance. If they try to resist those cravings, their bodies will react as the level of the addictive substance in their bodies falls. That reaction can be very severe, and even life-threatening in some cases.

To protect the health of addicts during withdrawal, it is recommended that they undergo it only with professional supervision, the kind that is provided in drug treatment centers. These centers can administer other drugs to addicts or alcoholics that will reduce considerably the painful side effects of withdrawal. Withdrawal can last for days, and recovering alcoholics or drug addicts really need 24-hour supervision and support during this process. The level of support needed can only be provided by the professionals at Drug Treatment New Rochelle.

Relapse Prevention

The second goal is to give addicts the key to staying off alcohol or drugs. Addicts and alcoholics may go through several traumatic days during withdrawal, but that process is relatively short-lived. From a treatment point of view, getting clean is only a small part of the battle. Staying clean is much more difficult, and our treatment staff will spend a lot of time with addicts trying to prepare them to cope with relapse urges.

If you need help with an addiction, contact Drug Treatment Centers New Rochelle to discuss your needs. Our facilities provide outpatient and residential treatment programs. For those who want to quit, we provide medical detox services, which is the safest way to come off an addictive substance. Call Drug Rehab Centers New Rochelle to learn more at (914) 829-5807.

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