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Drug Medical Detox New Rochelle

Drug Medical Detox in New Rochelle (914) 829-5807

Medical detox is the process by which substance abusers eliminate harmful toxins from their bodies while under the care and supervision of healthcare professionals.

New Rochelle Medical Detox Treatment Centers helps individuals with addiction issues complete the detoxification process in a safe and secure environment. The physical and mental well-being of the patient are considered at all times. To further discuss our medical detox protocols or to find out more about our other treatment services, call Drug Rehab Centers New Rochelle at (914) 829-5807.

How Does it Work?

Medical alcohol and drug detox employs medications as needed to help the patient’s body adjust to the chemical changes that are taking place without the addictive substances. Rather than quitting “cold turkey,” the patient is weaned off of the substance slowly, so as not to shock the body.

When a substance that the body has become dependent on is suddenly taken away, dangerous withdrawal symptoms can emerge. This happens when the brain cannot adapt to the changes that are occurring as quickly as they happen.

Why is it Dangerous to Detox at Home?

Detox at home is almost never a good idea. Without some form of replacement medication or medication used to ease withdrawal symptoms, addicts invariably experience the full weight of each symptom. This sudden lack of the substance that the body has become accustomed to can throw the body into shock. In some cases death can occur.

Types of Detox Programs

There are many types of detoxification programs available. No two addictions or situations are precisely alike, therefore, one or more methods may be used for one person and not another. Medical detoxification programs replace the abused substance with a carefully monitored pharmaceutical that can be lessened over time.

Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Meth withdrawal – Causes anhedonia, depression and fatigue – the natural ability to release dopamine is impaired and the brain is no longer excessively stimulated when meth is not available.
  • OxyContin withdrawal – Causes sedation, dry mouth and seizures – Oxy affects the pleasure center of the brain and over time the body becomes desensitized to opiates. When the drug is no longer available, the body is virtually thrown into shock.
  • Alcohol withdrawal and detox – Causes shaking, alcoholic hallucinosis and delirium tremens in severe cases – heavy long-term drinking disrupts or suppresses the neurotransmitters in the brain. When drinking suddenly ceases, these neurotransmitters go “haywire” and work in excess.
  • Heroin detox or withdrawal – Causes bone pain, -opiates affect the brain stem, limbic system and spinal cord, as well as affecting nerve receptors in the brain. When the drug is no longer being taken, multiple systems in the body are affected.

Medications for withdrawal and detox are given as needed to patients who experience serious withdrawal. These are common medications used to treat patients:

  • Suboxone – This is given for opiate addiction
  • Methadone – Commonly used for opiate or heroin withdrawal
  • Naltrexone – Helps drug and alcohol users
  • Antabuse – This is often given during alcohol detox
  • Neurontin – This medication treats seizures during detox
  • Bupropion – This is used to treat depression and addiction to cigarettes

Detox without treatment triggers relapse

Attempting detox without treatment most often simply triggers relapse. This occurs as intense cravings for the drug and extremely uncomfortable or painful physical conditions occur. The inability to complete a drug detox at home is not because a person is “weak” or “wants to use.” The body has become dependent on the drug and the brain signals for more.

Many addicts avoid getting the help they need because they fear withdrawal. Residential treatment ensures a more comfortable and caring atmosphere. Call Drug Rehab Centers New Rochelle at (914) 829-5807. We can help.

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