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Alcohol rehab is available for those who suffer from the negative consequences associated with excessive alcohol consumption. At Alcohol Rehab Centers New Rochelle, we provide a wide range of treatment programs and therapeutic treatments to manage and treat alcohol addiction. To learn more about your options for alcohol rehab, dial (914) 829-5807 today.

Abuse and Addiction

Alcoholism us a term used to describe people with alcohol addiction or dependency, and abuse describe people who drink to excess, but are not necessarily addicted. Today, many experts consider that people who abuse alcohol are victims of alcoholism.

There is no consensus on what constitutes alcohol abuse. While health authorities all agree that binge drinking is a form of abuse, there are different interpretations as to what exactly binge drinking is. Even though bodies like SMAHSA and NIAAA have their own definitions of binge drinking, the reality is that a person who gets drunk has abused alcohol regardless of whether he or she is deemed to have been binge drinking.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Many people have learned how to hide the fact that they have a problem with their alcohol consumption, especially in the early stages of alcoholism. It is only when the problem becomes really serious that their abuse becomes apparent to others. There are some indicators that a person has or is in danger of developing, a problem with alcohol. These include:

  1. Frequent excessive drinking. Having one drink with colleagues after work each day is fine, but having several drinks each day is problem drinking.
  2. Drinking faster than others. A person who gulps a drink down and is eager to get another one quickly may have a problem.
  3. Drinking at inappropriate times. If somebody has an alcoholic drink at breakfast every day, for example, he or she almost certainly has a problem, even if that breakfast drink is a very small one.
  4. Frequently smelling of alcohol
  5. Eyes often bloodshot
  6. Lack of attention to personal hygiene and grooming

Developing an Addiction

Abusers are not necessarily addicted, but they are very vulnerable to developing addiction. Drinking a lot of alcohol causes physical and chemical changes in the body, and also increases tolerance. The body will eventually need the substance to function normally.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome doesn’t appear in the same way in every patient. Much depends on the person’s overall state of health, the amount of alcohol that they consume, and the length of time over which they have been addicted.

Symptoms typically begin only a couple of hours after the patient’s last drink. While the patient may still have appreciable levels of blood alcohol for up to a day, they can experience shaky hands, anxiety, nausea, headache, stomach cramps and profuse perspiration.

Twelve hours after the patient’s last drink, they may experience hallucinations of different kinds — tactile, visual and auditory. The classic withdrawal symptom at this stage is the feeling of non-existent insects crawling on the skin. These feelings tend to not be very serious, and can last no more than two days.

The convulsions of alcohol withdrawal seizure can begin between 12 and 24 hours after the last drink. Patients tend to be especially prone to seizures if they’ve been through medical detox on more than one occasion. The more often the patient has relapsed in the past, the more serious the seizures.

Delirium tremens are the most dangerous symptoms. This condition can begin between two and three days after the last drink and can last up to a week. Patients experience extreme tremors, seizures, irregular cardiac activity and hallucinations so real, they are indistinguishable from reality.

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