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5 Steps Towards a Successful Alcohol Addiction Recovery New Rochelle, NY

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Alcohol addiction is one of leading causes of nutritional deficiency in the US. You struggle with your weak body after fighting an addiction. The most common deficiency is the vitamin B (B1, B6, and folic acid). After fighting alcohol addiction your body may have an imbalance of fluids, electrolytes, and proteins. You will most definitely need a well rounded diet to combat the often severe malnutrition. Your body can’t break down and metabolize certain nutrients because alcohol gets in the way of the digestion process. Without these elements, you can induce serious damage to your body, such as anemia and nervous system problems. Calcium supplements are also advisable, since they combat the risk of osteoporosis. To find your successful way to alcohol addiction recovery, contact Drug Rehab Centers New Rochelle at (914) 829-5807.

5 suggestions to follow for a successful alcohol addiction recovery

Drink lots of water

Water is essential in any detox program and makes up two-thirds of the weight of the human body. All cells and organs need water to function. To increase water intake, you can add soups, milk, tea, decaffeinated coffee and juices to your normal water consumption. Since alcohol makes the body lose a lot of fluids, it is important that you stay hydrated during the recovery from alcohol addiction.

Don’t forget to take your vitamin B complex

It helps the body digest food. Great sources of vitamin B are fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products. Vegetarian options include leafy green vegetables, beans, and peas.

Stay strong and manage your  cravings

It is important that you stay focused during the process of detox. Sometimes the temptations can be overpowering. But you must focus on the results. A great way to manage the cravings is planning the meals. This way, you will get rid of spontaneous decisions that can ruin your success.

Make calcium supplements part of your life

Don’t underestimate the power of alcohol. By the time you consider recovering from the alcohol addiction, it already did the damage to your bones. Calcium supplements are perfect to fight osteoporosis (fragile bones). Natural great sources of calcium are breakfast cereal, oatmeal, leafy greens, salmon and orange juice.

Check-up with your doctor

Last but not least, check-up with your doctor. You will need laboratory tests for protein, iron, and electrolytes. This will help you diagnose liver diseases. Alcohol is responsible for 1 in 3 liver transplants in the US. The most common alcohol induced liver disease is cirrhosis, that causes three quarters of the alcohol-related deaths.

If you or someone you know is recovering from alcohol addiction, call Drug Rehab Centers New Rochelle at (914) 829-5807. Let’s help them have a new life!




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