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Side Effects of Khat Use New Rochelle, NY

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Khat is a stimulant that is extracted from an evergreen shrub from East Africa and southern Arabia. Stimulants temporarily increase alertness and energy. The most common street names of khat are kat, chaat, catha edulis, African salad, jaad, miraa, and others.

Khat leaves, shoots, and stems can be used for recreational and medical purposes. As a recreational drug, users can chew, smoke, mix the drug into the food or brew it into a tea. In medicine, khat leaves help to ease depression, fatigue, to treat stomach ulcers, male infertility, obesity and other conditions.

What are the health side effects of Khat use?

Khat makes people more talkative than normal, other users may feel calm, happy, and experience a sensation of bliss. However, it can also cause a temporary confusion, insomnia, anxiety, and aggression. Chewing khat can inflame the user’s mouth and can cause dental problems; it can even lead to gum disease and mouth cancer.

The effects of khat on the brain and the nervous system can cause the user to experience hallucinations, paranoia, and an inability to focus. It is because the drug affects the release of dopamine, thus it increases dopamine levels. The drug can also make a pre-existing mental health problem worse and can cause sleep problems.

Other side effects that khat may produce include increased heart and breath rate, high blood pressure, lung, and liver damage. To learn more about the consequences of khat use, contact Drug Rehab Centers Rochelle at (914) 829-5807.

Addiction and withdrawal New Rochelle, NY

Many individuals abuse khat for its properties to boost mental energy, to enhance one’s productivity and physical alertness. However, the use of the drug may cause serious health conditions and mental addiction. Regular use of khat can lead to a psychological dependence. When an individual ceases the use of khat withdrawal symptoms may occur. Symptoms of khat withdrawal may include nightmares, slight tremor, emotional ups and downs, mild depression, and lethargy.

To learn how you can recover from khat addiction or any other drug, please contact Drug Rehab Centers Rochelle at (914) 829-5807.



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