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Addiction Intervention in New Rochelle

addiction intervention New Rochelle ny

Addiction intervention is an important and critical component of recovery.  In many instances family members experience the suffering caused by addiction long before the addict recognize the seriousness of their drug or alcohol problem. And, while getting a loved one into treatment is for some, the only hope of recovery, many family members are dubious about confronting the problem.  Unfortunately, waiting too long or never staging a drug or alcohol intervention can turn out to be a disastrous omission since the effects of addiction can prevent people from taking the steps necessary to save themselves.   

Surprisingly, at least 90% of addicts whose friends and family made the effort to stage an intervention were receptive and agreed to enter a treatment program. Conversely, only 5% of people with an addict in the family who sought information from a treatment center about staging an intervention actually followed through with the process.

The reality of addiction is that the neurological effects usually make it difficult for addicts to make a rational decision to get help for themselves. Most will continue to struggle with their disease indefinitely.  Sadly, without intervention from loved ones some people will die because of untreated addiction.

To learn more about programs for addiction intervention in New Rochelle, contact local drug treatment centers today. They can help change your life around.

Benefits of an Intervention

Many family members will tell you that the reason they do not stage an intervention is due to the fear of driving the addict away.  Although this is always a risk, especially if a drug intervention cause the addict to feel judged or condemned, a properly planned and executed drug interventions can save lives.  In many instances, staging an intervention is the most caring thing family members can do for their loved one. A drug intervention can…

  1. Bring the person in addiction face to face (often for the first time) with the effects that their drug use is having on their family and friends.
  2. Help the addict to move pass denial about begin to focus on recovery.
  3. Expose the addiction so that the secrecy that typically surrounds addiction can end.
  4. Take the burden of identifying a treatment program out of the hands of the addict.  
  5. Make it easy for the addict to go directly from the intervention into a treatment program.
  6. Provide help for family members who have been struggling with enabling and the stresses caused by the addiction.
  7. Save the addict’s life.  

Although staging a drug intervention may feel like a daunting venture at first, it may be the only hope an addict has of coming to grips with the grim reality of their situation.  

What is an Intervention?

Drug and alcohol interventions are structured, nonjudgmental and solution-oriented confrontations, designed for the sole purpose of persuading an addict to accept treatment to stop the progression of addiction. The intervention model includes:

  1. Highlighting the negative effects that the substance abuse behavior is having on the addict and others.
  2. Stopping the abuse that may be causing physical and psychological harm to family members.   
  3. Providing reasonable consequences for refusing to get help.
  4. Prearranging admission into a treatment center for immediate transfer from the intervention to the rehabilitation facility.
  5. Communicate to the individual that their loved ones are concerned for their wellbeing and mark the beginning of a transformative stage in the lives of both the addict and their family.  

An intervention is not meant to convict, judge or discredit the abuser in any way.  Although planning an intervention can be fraught with complexities having the assistance of a caring and experienced drug interventionist can make the difference between success and failure.

If you are in need of help or guidance to confront a loved one battling addiction, call drug rehab centers in New Rochelle today. Professional drug and alcohol interventionist can assist you with all phases of the intervention process.  Dial (914) 829-5807 now. 

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