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Drug Medical Detox

To pass through rehab and obtain a clean bill of health from substance abuse, you must first go through medical detox. Medical detox is the process...

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Alcoholism Treatment

In the United States, over 18 million people suffer from alcohol abuse. Only tobacco is more widely abused. Alcoholism is defined as a physical and...

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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a difficult disease to overcome. The National Institute for Drug Abuse estimates that illicit drug addiction costs us almost...

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Drug Rehab Centers New Rochelle deals with every aspect of the recovery process, from the early stages of intervention and detox through to the later stages of behavioral therapy and relapse prevention. The process of Drug Rehab Centers New Rochelle is often split up into two separate but equally important components, detox and rehab. Detox enables the cessation of drug use through medications and medical support, with rehab treating the precedents of drug addiction. Call Drug Rehab Centers New Rochelle today if you or someone you love is suffering from a drug or alcohol dependence. (914) 829-5807

Who needs Drug Rehab Centers New Rochelle?

It can be difficult deciding if someone needs Drug Rehab, with people often going to extreme lengths to hide their drug use from friends and family members. While many of the signs of drug abuse are dependent on the substance in question, there are some general signs to look out for. Common signs of drug abuse include neglecting responsibilities at work or school, using drugs in risky situations, legal problems, social problems, financial problems, unexplained mood swings, depression and anxiety. Abuse can often lead to dependence, with common signs of dependence including tolerance, withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of use, uncontrolled consumption, and giving up favorite activities because of drug use.

Residential vs out-patient treatment

Residential treatment is a live-in arrangement, with patients able to access medications and medical support on an around-the-clock basis. Out-patient treatment involves periodic visits to a treatment center, with daily and weekly programs available depending on the substance and extent of abuse. Residential treatment is always recommended for long-term drug addicts and those likely to experience physical withdrawal symptoms. While out-patient treatment is useful in certain situations, residential care offers patients the best chance to get clean.

Medical detox

Medical detox is the first stage of Drug Rehab for many people, with medications prescribed to alleviate symptoms and smooth out the recovery process. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, there are three steps in the drug detoxification process: evaluation, stabilization, and guiding the patient into further treatment. While detox is important in enabling the cessation of drug use and allowing the patient to stabilize prior to rehab, it does not address the underlying causes of drug abuse and addiction.


A range of psychotherapy programs are initiated during drug rehab, with common treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational therapy and family therapy. Conventional counseling also plays an important role in the rehab environment, as does relapse prevention and aftercare support. If you or anyone you know needs to access Drug Rehab services, it’s important to make contact with a Drug Rehab center as soon as possible. Call Drug Rehab Centers New Rochelle today at (914) 829-5807.

About New Rochelle

New Rochelle is a city in Westchester County New York that is a southeastern area located near Long Island and Scarsdale. It is a commonly known family town where many go to raise children or get away from busy inner city life. The downtown area of New Rochelle is developed with fine dining, high rise buildings, offices, shopping, and college campuses. There are more than 11,500 family houses in the city and 97 percent of the community is employed. There is a diverse population in New Rochelle with a little bit of every culture. According to the New Rochelle Police department, New Rochelle is the safest city of its size in New York. Places to see in New Rochelle include the Thomas Paine Historical Site, Columbia Island, Huckleberry Island, and Leland Castle.

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